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Grab Your Cosplay Makeup Starter Kit & Become Any Character You Can Dream of! 

Mehron Australia is the perfect hub for cosplay enthusiasts and those who like to dabble in the creative arts of performance makeup. Here you'll find a huge collection of cosplay makeup, makeup kits and various makeup essentials. These additions are complete with a large variety of colours and formulas which each have the ability to make you into just about any pop culture character you can think of!

Make an impression at your next convention or comic con event, your makeup art will most certainly turn some heads or even win you a competition!  If events don't suit your fancy then maybe showing off your passion for pop culture on your social media page might be more suitable for you. Show off your stunning makeup art online and flaunt your excellent makeup art skill on your page which will in turn help your page grow!

Our collection of cosplay-inspired makeup kits are often utilized by professionals of the fashion industry around the world. For many years, theatrical performers and makeup artists have often used Mehrons products for various work segments. Time after time, Mehron has proven itself to be the buyer's choice of SFX makeup.

If you're still dabbling in the art of performance makeup, then why not use some of our kits for practice. There are many tutorials you can learn from our online platforms. These tutorials mainly showcase a step-by-step session on applying various instances of performance and SFX makeup. Our online stores and makeup kits have all the necessary items and accessories available in order to properly learn the ins and outs of makeup art. 

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