Take Your Performance Makeup to The Next Level, With Our Collection of Creamblend Sticks

Easy to apply and safe to use, Mehrons array of quality Cremblend Sticks are perfect for makeup artists and theatrical performers looking for something which harbours high quality, non-greasy ingredients. Creamblend are high-performance makeup essentials and can be applied with speed and efficiency.  These additions are ideal for blending and mixing various colours together, which work well under all types of lighting conditions. Thanks to Mehrons high-quality ingredients, it will never feel greasy and uncomfortable after applying.

Creamblend sticks are manufactured in New York, America and are put together with a combination of different ingredients. These ingredients are purposed to establish the ultimate finish look, which is purposed for quick-paced theatre work.

Mehrons Creamblend sticks can be used by amateur artists and professionals of the industry. You'll experience no struggle or difficulty when using one of our products.  If you're searching for high-quality performance makeup, which presents a smooth finish, then you've stumbled in the right place. 

Shop Mehron Australia for a wide collection of performance makeup accessories and various other theatrical essentials. Mehron Australia are industry favored suppliers of performance makeup, our collection are used by makeup professionals around the world!  


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