Captivate Your Audience & Establish a Convincing Effect With Fantasy Makeup.

Fantasy Makeup is a water based soft cream which comes in a plastic squeeze tube for easy accessibility. Ideal for immediate design applications and face paint, this addition is perfect for experienced and amateur makeup artists to implement their own form of professional face paint.  

With a wide variety of colours, you can easily put together your favourite sporting themed colours as well as various other characters and implementations your creativity can conjure. 

Applying Fantasy FX is safe and easy to use, all that is required is a sponge and brush to fingertips or hair, Fantasy can be easily removed with soap and water. 

Fantasy is not only great for standard face paint but also ideal for special effects makeup displays. From hyper-realistic effects to glow in the dark patterns, the options are almost limitless. 

Like all Mehrons products, Fantasy is made with high-quality ingredients in New York America. We ensure only the best forms of ingredients are implemented when putting together our products. 

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