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We're pleased to offer you our addition of a highly pigmented water-based liquid makeup. This addition is capable of being applied directly to the skin with little to no discomfort. It's capable of emitting hyper-realistic special effects onto your face, ideal for influencers and theatrical performers, as it's the perfect choice for professionals of the industry. 

Available in a wide set of colours, we have every shade which will suit the taste of just about any makeup professional. Some of our colours even include a quantity of UV flow effects.

Liquid makeup is made to be easily applied and remove comfortably without leaving any kind of a mess. Apply with a sponge, brush hor even your fingers. Its formula allows it to be diluted with various types of mixing liquid and can be implemented to establish various colours of liquid or 3-D gel effects.  Various types of custom colours can be mixed as you have the capability and potential to establish an almost limitless variety of colours and styles.

Like of all Mehrons makeup additions, this high-performance uv stage makeup is developed in New York, America. It harbours a vast array of high-quality chemicals which are safe for human usage. 



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