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Mehron Australia presents LUX Airbrush makeup. A high-quality performance makeup addition that is vitamin enriched based with green tea and water. Its made and designed to be a long-lasting matte airbrush makeup that has the ability to implement highly realistic effects onto your skin. If you're eager to create hyper-realistic sfx effects then look no further than LUX.

LUX is available in eleven different colours, each capable of implementing its own unique and convincing persona onto your face. If you're a fan of glow in the dark makeup, then LUX has you covered. Here, you'll find four different varieties of glow in the dark makeup, including blue, lime, orange and yellow.

This airbrush makeup features a highly pigmented vitamin-enriched colour range. Made in New York, America, its formula coverage is gentle and easy on the skin. Its made to provide a waterproof and water-resistant finish, as well as having the ability to provide a formaldehyde-free and gologen-free substance. 

Like many of our performance makeup additions, LUX is capable of implementing highly realistic looks onto your body, it easily complements other varieties of performance SFX makeup onto your body. Shop Mehron Australia and experience high-quality airbrush makeup. 

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