The Perfect Body Art Makeup.

Prisma AQ body art makeup is the perfect choice for aspiring makeup artists and industry professionals. This addition is available in our new collection of blendsets. Prisma has obtained its world famous status by having the capability of combining the exact specifications of professional makeup artists and their requirements. 

Its formula and surface can be applied easily with just about any brush or sponge, although a makeup brush/sponge is recommended. Prisma is the perfect makeup cake for those looking to implement various forms of body art makeup. Its purpose is to establish long-lasting effects onto your body which has the capability to last for hours on end with no smudging taking effect. 

These colour combinations have the potential to create a vast and diverse array of effects that will leave awe-inspired effects. Like all of our SFX makeup and performance art additions. The colours are easy to be held in pace, as they're made to align and adjust well with any form of brush.   

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