StarBlend Cake Makeup is a Must-Have For Performers! 

Lights, camera, StarBlend! Mehron Australia offers the best in cake face makeup. With over eight decades of researching and developing the perfect formula og cake makeup, Mehron Australia has reached its limit and has come up with a premium addition of cake makeup! 

StarBlend offers a heavy fade resistance, which is ideal for actors who perform under heavy lights. But that's not all. StarBlend also offers a large amount of fade-resistant, non-streaking and a smooth transition. its safe and very easy to use. 

StarBlend Cake Makeup is exceptionally thorough at blending easily with a small amount of application required. 

All of our makeup additions are made and developed in New York America. We make sure to only use the highest quality ingredients available when developing our cake makeup additions. 

We make sure to ease a performer's burden of makeup quality. StarBlend cakeup will most certainly do the trick, as it'll go above and beyond to sate the performer's level of quality, as well as enhance their look and appeal. 

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