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Metallic makeup is capable of emitting some of the most unique and creative looks a makeup artist can produce. Our lines of glitter makeup and metallic formulas and liquids are ideal for those who wish to own a real metal look. 

Paradise glitter is just one of our amazing metallic makeup products. It is available in a seven-gram bottle and comes in a large variety of unique colours. Paradise glitter can add a large detail of life and intense colours into your makeup art, you'll be able to create a huge amount of realistic special effects. 

We offer a huge amount of metallic makeup products. Paradise glitter is not the only addition we have available. Our Precious gem powders are another unique makeup essential which is designed to add a jewel-like luster to your skin. The effects are so realistic that the naked eye will be convinced you're wearing real jewels on your face or body. Like the Paradise glitter, they are available in a wide selection of colours, each capable of emitting a unique metallic effect onto your face. 

Our metallic powders are finely crafted and blended in New York, America, so you are provided with the best accenting powder the market has to offer. While we care about the overall quality and usage of our metallic powders, the safety of the consumer is even more important. We make sure all of our metallic powder additions are safe and overall easy to use.

Metallic makeup allows you to create an endless amount of unique effects. Glitter and various forms of gem powders are ideal for those who wish to dabble in the art of festival makeup and colourful looks that stand out. Browse through our online store to find something that suits your standards, you'll most definitely find something which stands out to you. 

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