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From Learning The Basics, To Perfecting Your Makeup Skills, Mehron Australia Has All The Best Makeup Starter Kits You Can Buy.

Learning the basics of performance makeup art has to start from somewhere. Our collection of makeup palettes and kits include a wide selection of basic colours, which are ideal for learning the ins and outs of theatrical and performance makeup. Practice on yourself, or take to class, there's a large array of purposes you can do with these makeup palettes.

Mehron Australia are passionate innovators of performance makeup and theatrical essentials. Our range includes a wide and diverse selection of various colours, which are capable of generating hyper realistic 3D effects onto your face. This is the perfect place to begin your career as a makeup artist. Our palettes are not only designed to enhance your makeup art, but also get a strong grasp on performance makeup. 

We're eager to grow the performance makeup industry, we're aware that many of you have the potential to develop your talent and branch out in the performance makup industry. Shop Mehron Australia today and go all out on your passion for the theatrical industry. You'll be creating an artist's impact in no time. Our products are safe and easy to learn, not only are they exactly like the products Hollywood makeup artists use, but they're also incredibly user friendly. 

Our professional makeup starter kits are made in New York, America. Every one of our performance makeup essentials harbors high-quality ingredients, which makes it easy and safe to apply. Professionals of the industry, as well as makeup artists have always been using our products, as they know Mehron has always delivered the good when it comes to performance makeup essentials! 


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