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Discover a Whole New Level of Creativity, With Mehron Australia's Best SFX Makeup

Look disturbingly gory with our range of special FX makeup. Made in New York, America, our range of special effects makeup consists of fake blood, Mehron sfx, fake scarring and spirit gum. Ideal for Halloween special effects makeup, Mehron Australia is your online platform for high-quality diy fake blood and sfx makeup. Perfect for stage performers and film, Mehron Australia is all about quality and practical usability. If you love showing off your makeup skills on Instagram, look no further than our online store.       

Our sfx makeup range has the ability to translate photo-realistic quality to your appearance, the crowd will be in awestruck as they gaze upon your seemingly realistic appearance. Take advantage of our range and go all out on high-quality performance makeup accessories. Our range meets a strong and consistent demand stunning waterproof fake blood, which has the ability to rapidly dry. Mehron Australia houses fake blood which lacks various imperfections and low quality aspects, such as smudging or transfer.  

Emit a photo-realistic appeal at your performance. Mehron Australia houses SFX accessories that put forth a whole new avenue of Hollywood standard quality. Why waste effort on a capsule of fake blood that'll only devalue your desired cinematic look? Our range of special fx makeup accessories and quality fake blood can translate your look into a real gory display! Transform yourself into a terrifying creature of the night and enhance the overall quality of your horror-inspired image. Here, you'll find a huge collection of SFX makeup essentials which are ideal for your Instagram makeup art. From colour palettes to liquid makeup essentials, our online store houses everything a professional makeup artist like yourself requires. Our lines of SFX makeup are favored by artists and professionals of the theatrical industry. We make sure to include high quality essentials that are both practical and efficient for your makeup art.

Made in New York, America, Mehron Australia make sure to give you only the best and highest quality makeup essentials on the market. Whether you're getting started on your Instagram art, or already an established professional with plenty of followers, our makeup essentials are the perfect option to give your art that extra push.

You'll be in awstruck when you witness just how effective our sfx additions are. Mehron Australia's sfx makeup essentials are capable of transforming you into just about anything your creativity strives for. Capable of mimicking the look of iconic characters, monsters and various other niche themes, our array of makeup products don't pull punches on their potential. 

Shop Mehron Australia today and experience the best in high-quality performance makeup additions and sfx essentials. You won't look back after experiencing our collection! 

No messy transfers, no smudging, no bad quality, eliminate time-consuming touch-ups and experience the best in special FX makeup.




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  • Liquid Latex Clear

  • Liquid Latex Light Flesh

  • Castor Sealer with Brush 30ml

  • Extra Flesh 9g with Fixative A carded

  • AU$16.00
  • Fixature A with Brush 30ml

  • Blood Capsules Empty 12 Pack Carded

  • Stage Blood Bright with 6 Capsules Carded

  • Stage Blood Bright Arterial

  • Stage Blood Dark Venous

  • Coagulated Blood

  • Squirt Blood Bright Arterial

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