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Featured Makeup For Stage Performances & Online Influencers 

Here you'll find a selection of our featured products, spanning from different months throughout the year. Choose a selected item from some of our best makeup palettes or a makeup kit with a vast array of essentials. These additions are on a rotating basis, so check regularly on what new item we choose to feature! 

Each of these additions is key to enhancing your performance art. Our makeup palettes, colour palettes and makeup kits have the ability to display a lasting impact onto your body or face, as our colours can establish a hyper-realistic edge to your art. 

We're always eager to keep our costumers in the loop on what's trending in the performance industry. We want each and every one of you to have access to the best varieties of performance makeup on the market. 

Our performance makeup art variety is designed to safely be applied onto your skin while allowing you to easily remove any unwanted additions later. All of our items are made in New York, America, as we're keen on using the highest quality ingredients when developing our products. 

Explore the latest additions of performance makeup, with Mehron Australia! Our products are suitable to aspiring makeup artists, and theatrical performers. We're excited to offer you our lines of quality makeup essentials. 

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