Halloween Makeup Essentials, Including, Fake Blood,  Makeup Kits & Special Effects Makeup.

We have all the necessary makeup additions to help you embrace the spooky month of October. Halloween is all the rage at Mehron Australia, we know how important it is for all you horror enthusiasts to transform yourself into a hyper-realistic creature.

Here, you'll find a long list of easy Halloween makeup which is designed to easily be applied onto your skin. If you're searching for Halloween makeup ideas for your Instagram art, then you're in the right place. 

We have everything you need to embrace your gory and ghoulish side. If you're looking to create some realistic gore effects then our collection of fake blood additions will get the job done efficiently. Or if you're in the need of some high-quality makeup colours and effects with a huge amount of variety, then our special effects makeup additions will most certainly do the job. 

Become a blood sucking vampire, a zombie risen from the dead or anything your creativity can reach for. We pride ourselves on our diverse and awesome set of special effects makeup.  

All Mehron products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. All ingredients used in the manufacturing of our products are also guaranteed to be cruelty free.

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