DIY Fake Blood

Create a Realistic Gory Effect WIth Our Range of Professional Fake Blood

Ever wondered how certain movies and influencers create such a realistic blood effect? Well, it's actually quite simple, they use professional DIY fake blood effects, like the ones we have here at Mehron Australia! 

Here you'll find our selection of fake blood effects that have the ability to create a highly detailed bloody effect. Perfect for realistic bleeding effects or some extra detail for your Halloween costume. Our fake blood is perfect for Instagram influencers who wish to shock their audience with some convincing and detailed effects. 

We have a HUGE amount of fake blood varieties, ranging from 12 pack blood capsules, carded coagulated blood and blood spatter effects. Our fake blood comes in an array of different colour shades of red, giving you a variety.

Our additions are easy and safe to use, we make sure to create only the safest and most practical varieties of fake blood and special effects makeup. Mehrons fake blood are just as safe on your face as water, they're all made with natural safe ingredients as they're developed in New York America.

Go all out on your next Instagram display and show your viewers some hyper-realistic gore effects, our array of fake blood can most certainly do the trick.

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