All in One Makeup Kit

The Perfect All in One Makeup Kit & Professional Face Palette is up For Grabs. Bring Your Work to Life With These Additions by Mehron Australia!

If you regularly dabble in the arts of performance makeup or are an aspiring influencer while eager to learn the tricks of the trade, then look no further. These mehron sfx additions can create wonders for your work. You may have worked with various types of sfx makeup kits in the past, but what we have to offer is on an entirely other level.

The special effects kit offers great value for all the item's features, you'll be saving yourself a lot of cash as opposed to purchasing everything individually. With that said, it features a wide range of items, which are capable of emphasising various forms of special effects and hyper-realistic art forms. The special effects kit is useful for professional makeup artists and aspiring beginners looking to dabble in the art of special effects. Its an all-in-one bargain. You can create a huge amount of displays, and can only go as far as what your mind conjures. Don't hold back!

On the other hand, you got the 30 colour palette. Just as useful as the SFX kit. As its name points out entails it features 30 additions of unique colour variations. Each of these colours are capable of complementing each other as they can really bring out a whole new aspect and creative detail to your work. The 30 colour palette is infused with natural elements, which ensures its overall efficiency and usability. View some of our images for examples of some of the incredible work at dispaly. 

Mehron sfx makeup kits stand out from various other additions, as they're designed with high-quality components and formulas which are tested thoroughly before being distributed. We make sure all of our additions are safe and easy to use. Shop Mehron Australia and experience our diverse and wonderful collection of palettes and makeup kits. These two additions are the perfect item to kick start your makeup career and go all out on your work.

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