Explore Our Range of Professional Makeup Palettes & Bring Life to Your Makeup Art.

Aspiring makeup artists & makeup professionals should check out our diverse and unique range of face & body palettes. These additions will help perfect your performance art, while enhancing your theatrical appeal. Our palettes are essential for Instagram influences and theatrical performers.  

We offer makeup palettes that are complete with multiple unique colours, these palettes are ideal for both professionals and newcomers in the performance art industry. Or, if you're running a workshop or class, why not pick up one of these kits and show your students a few tricks of the trade! 

Our array of face & and body paint palettes are made with the highest quality materials, all of our additions are made and developed in New York America, thus assuring your safety and the overall high standard of usability in our product. We want all of our customers to be safe and satisfied when applying our additions of performance makeup. They're easy to apply and remove, so you'll have no difficulties! 

Each of our additions offer the potential to create various characters and themed to your makeup art. If you're in the need for some enhancements to your SFX, then look no further! Our makeup accessories and pallettes will definitely leave a lasting impact on your work, as it'll establish a vast amount of quality as well as a unique aroma to your prentation. 

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