Featuring The Perfect Collection of SFX Makeup Kits. Ideal For Beginners to Learn & Pros to Display Their Art.

Create hyper-realistic special effects with our range of SFX Makeup kits. Here you'll find a vast and unique collection of SFX makeup kits which are perfect for established makeup artists and those starting off. Our makeup kits feature realistic textures and fake blood accessories which have the ability to create mind-blowing effects onto the skin. Experiment with a collection of amazing makeup kits, which each have their own unique value. Some of our makeup kits cater to more unique characters while others have the ability to transform you into just about anything. There's a huge selection to choose from which will be sure to suit your creative side. 

Create realistic three-dimensional facial details, such as scars, blemishes, blood and various other gory effects. For those more experienced in the world of make up art, our make up kits enable you to create the most unique forms of special effects art you can think of. Each of our kits are equipped with advanced special effects, to make up essentials which are designed to not only establish lasting and convincing effects upon the skin, but are also made with high-quality ingredients which are safe and easy to apply onto your skin.

These makeup kits are used by professionals of the industry, our essentials are ideal for those who work in the theatre industry as well as aspiring makeup artists on Instagram. Featuring highly advanced application along with various forms of fake blood and strong makeup essentials, these kits are capable of establishing the most convincing forms of makeup art and various additions of special effects displays. Shop Mehron Australia and experience the best in special effects make up art. 


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