Paradise Make-up AQ 30 Color Palette


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  • Paradise Makeup AQ™ is Mehron’s world renowned, premium quality, water-based face and body painting makeup, body paint palette, starter makeup kit. Perfect for students, and those learning the skill of makeup design. Formulated to be semi-soft, water activated, and moist while delivering richly pigmented, beautiful and bold colours that transforms artistic inspiration to life from head-to-toe. Paradise Makeup AQ™ is available in a 1.4 oz. jar, .9 oz. jar, an 8 colour palette and a deluxe 30 colour palette. We also offer a 12 slot jar holder artist palette to keep everything well organized (holds the 1.4 oz. size). Paradise Makeup AQ™ is available in a kaleidoscope of colours and finishes, it is the preferred choice of award-winning artists around the globe. Use this addition for school and educational practices. This palette is great for tutorials and makeup demonstrations. 
  • 30 individual .9 oz (25 g)pans inside a 12.5x10x1.25 inch convenient travel case.
  • This starter kit holds 30 Paradise AQ colours in a sturdy plastic case. Makeup fits securely into a form-fitting foam holder.
  • The colours in the 30 Colour Palette are Black (3), White (3), Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Orange, Dark Brown, Teal, Light Green, Dark Pink, and Purple, Lagoon Blue, Beach Berry, Mango, Amazon Green, Lime, Storm Cloud, Wild Orchid, Coral, Light Pink, Light Brown, Light Blue, Violet, Gold and Silver.
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