Celebre Make Up Kit





Unisex - With Seven Base Colors Each. This highly pigmented, silky, matte cream makeup glides on easily with full coverage for theatre, film, video, and photography application. Celebre is gentle to sensitive skin and is free of fragrance, oils, beeswax and isopropyl myristate. As an all in one theatrical makeup kit, this addition features a wide array of makeup essentials and key components for makeup artist professionals and those starting in the industry.    

Celebré Pro HD™ All-Pro Kits Include:

• 7 Full Size Celebré Pro HD™ Makeup Bases

• 7 Accent Colors

• Bruise ColorRing

• 2 Full Size Stageline Makeup Brushes

• Black & Brown Pencil Liners

• Non Latex Sponges

• 2 Stipple Sponges

• Colorset Powder

• Velour Powder Puff

• Professional Powder Brush

• 30ml Bottle Hair White w/ Applicator

30ml Bottle Makeup Remover Lotion

30ml Modeling Putty/Wax

30ml Bottle Latex with Applicator

30ml Bottle Spirit Gum Remover

• Spirit Gum

• Crepe Hair

• Stage Blood

• Application Guide - Aging 

• Application Guide - Special Effects

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