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Reinvent Your Look With Our Range of Quality Makeup Kits and Performance Accessories

Explore Mehron Australia and shop professional make up online. Our array of performance accessories and make up kits will have you all set for your next show. Made in New York America, our range expresses a vast amount of quality, you can't get much better than our diverse sets of professional makeup kits. Mehron Australia have a huge amount of professional makeup supplies, whether you're aiming to transform into a carnivorous zombie, a blood-soaked vampire or something in between, Mehron Australia has everything you need to complete your otherworldly appeal. 

Here you'll also find our full range of Mehron cream blend sticks, makeup kits and a large variety of other essentials, which are key to your performance art. You won't regret gracing your skin with these high quality makeup essentials.

Mehron Australia house fake blood which is disturbingly realistic. If anything, our brand's designers probably did too much of a good job in implementing its realism! Mehron Australia offers performance accessories that'll allow you to create hyper-realistic gore effects. Perfect for Halloween, or horror-inspired Instagram makeup artists. As pioneers of the industry, Mehron go through lengths to put out the best quality of special fx makeup on the market.       

Our supply of fake blood, professional makeup kits and other performance accessories are key to implementing a stable and high-quality effect to your desired look. We house dozens upon dozens of professional makeup kits online. 



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