Resident Evil 2 Make Up Kit

Terrifying Resident Evil 2 Zombie Makeup

The ultimate zombie makeup kit is here! This deluxe zombie-themed makeup kit allows you to mimic the look of a terrifying zombie of Racoon city. Featuring a vast collection of makeup tools and instructions, you have everything you need to put forth a photo-realistic zombie.

This limited makeup kit harbours makeup essentials which are favoured by Hollywood makeup artists and professionals in the theatre industry around the world. When it comes to professional zombie makeup, Mehron Australia makes sure to only include the best varieties of special effects makeup on the market.

If you're one who favours a realistic and quality zombie look over a cheap knock off then look no further than this kit. This addition perfectly replicates the look of a realistic interpretation of a zombie, there's no better alternative to this kit. Use this kit for your next zombie walk ar as part of your Halloween get up, the options for this kit are limitless. 

The Resident Evil 2 Deluxe makeup kit offers a great amount of value due to its variety and highly effective quality. There's no other makeup essential that can bring out a terrifying zombie appearance like the RE 2 deluxe makeup kit. 

Introducing the Resident Evil™ 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit from Mehron! This deluxe professional zombie makeup kit lets the every day gamer recreate the terrifying Raccoon City zombies from the popular Resident Evil™ 2 video game franchise! The kit contains all of the necessary professional special FX products and fake blood essentials which is used by leading Hollywood makeup artists. With the included step-by-step instructions and applications tools, now anyone can create their own truly professional Zombie look and bring a Resident Evil™ 2 characters to life! Packed with products and great pro advice, Mehron’s latest All-Pro Kit is an exceptional value that can’t be beat. There’s nothing better for amazing RE2 Cosplay, Zombie Walk, and Halloween adventures! Get your limited edition kit today. 

Take to the streets of Racoon City and inflict terror upon the RPD. Special Limited-Edition Collectible All-Pro Makeup Kit only from Mehron. Includes all the makeup needed for a truly professional Resident Evil™ 2 Zombie. Ultra long-lasting makeup wear Includes all necessary makeup tools Includes 10” x 18” Poster printed on the inside of the packaging sleeve. Includes easy to follow, fully illustrated, step-by-step Instruction Booklet. Hyper-realistic zombie makeup. The best zombie makeup on the market.

Apply easily and safely.  Online video tutorial is also available Made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients Professional Hollywood makeup at an exceptional value. This makeup kit is great for Cosplay, Zombie Walks, Halloween, and anytime you feel like being a Resident Evil™ Zombie! Huge product value! Ideal for Halloween performing arts makeup. 

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