Special Effects Kit


The Mehron Special FX ALL-PRO Makeup Kit is equipped with all the makeup and tools needed to create beginner to advanced makeup applications.

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Bringing you the perfect all-in-one sfx kit. If you're after special effects makeup kits then look no further. This addition features a huge amount of variety, you'll be able to put together almost any type of character your imagination can think of with a painting kit such as this. Whether you're a professional or amateur, EVERY makeup artists should own one of these. The kit includes professional full size products, six accessories and three prosthetic pieces, along with Step-by-Step Instructions. If you're after a makeup kits that include everything, then this is perfect for your next Instagram shoot or theatrical performance. This particular special effects makeup kit includes all the necessary fundamentals and essentials you need to establish. This sfx makeup kit is capable of making you appear gory to looking three times your age as it harbours a wide array of accessories which are designed and purposed to completely change your appearance.    

Special Effects All-Pro Kit Includes: 

• 8 Colour Palette Includes: 3 Mask Covers & 5 Color Cup Colors 

• 133ml Liquid Latex Clear 

• 30ml Squirt Blood 

• Large Powder Puff 

• 60ml 3D Clear Gel 

• Stage Blood 

• 15ml Coagulated Blood 

• 30ml Barrier Spray 

• Crepe Hair 

• 3 Full Size Stageline Makeup Brushes 

• Colorset Powder 

• 30ml Makeup Remover Lotion 

• 30ml Brush Cleaner 

• 30ml Spirit Gum Remover 

• Spirit Gum 

• Tooth FX Blood Red 

• Tooth FX Nicotine 

• Rigid Collodion 

• Fixative A 

• 30ml Hair White 

• Modeling Putty/Wax 

• Extra Flesh 

• Bruise ColorRing 

• Stipple Sponge 

• Non Latex Sponge 

• Cotton Swabs 

• 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes 

• 1 Prosthetic Wound 

• Application Guide - Special Effects

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