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Refine Your Makeup Art, With Our Collection of Barrier Sprays & Key Performance Makeup Accessories. 

Performance makeup is not without key essentials, which add a sense of definitions and refinement to your work. Here you'll find a large set of barrier sprays, as well as set & seal products which have the ability to increase skin durability as well as protect your face from the potential harshness of applying makeup.

While many of our additions are designed to enhance your makeup art and breach new levels of creativity. These additions are purposed for your safety and overall comfort. Finish powders and sealers are essential when it comes to makeup art. Our products are designed to work efficiently, all of our ingredients are developed and made in New York, as we make sure to take the proper steps to ensure high levels of quality and usability.

Our array of set and seal products can be used with our lines of makeup kits and makeup performance accessories. A good sealer can further add value to your makeup art, establishing a whole lot of comfort after using. These additions are made to compliment your makeup art, making your work stand out even more after applying. 

Shop Mehron Australia today, for a full collection of set & seal essentials and makeup accessories  

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