Indulge in Our Collection of Quality Delux Colour Palettes. 

Here you'll find the best body paint palettes you can buy on the market. The Paradise makeup collection are some of the most renowned makeup products around the world. These additions are capable of creating long last body effects onto your skin. With a wide variety of colours and different sizes available, these palettes are capable of transforming almost any type of art form you can imagine into life. 

Ideal for makeup artists, performance actors and Instagram influencers, passing up one of these awesome colour palettes would be almost criminal! 

While Paradise colour palettes are perfect for professional makeup artists and industry influencers, these additions are also great for video tutorials and classroom settings. If you participate or run a class purposed for teaching advanced or basic lessons on performance makeup additions, then these Paradise palettes will most definitely get the job done. We have a huge and diverse variety of colours and sizes, all capable of transforming your body and face into a work of pristine art.        

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